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Welcome to my Story Corner.

One of my greatest joys, and my greatest challenges, is to write short stories. It's not that I lack ideas, you understand. I just lack practice in editing. I have several stories that are still in various stages of completion, but they give you an idea of what my writing style is like.

Please note: Most of my stories are written for an older age group and may contain scenes that make some people uncomfortable. While never 'gratuitous' nor graphic, some of my stories do contain elements of sex, violence and socially unacceptable language. While my greatest critics are my own children, you may not appreciate having yours look over your shoulder. *g* It's hard to read when you've got a 12-year-old peering over your shoulder and saying "Eww, look! He's kissing her!"

Reminder: These stories are mine! I've worked hard on them. If you have no respect for my writing or my stories, at least respect the amount of time and effort I've put into them. If I find my stories up on someone else's website without my written permission in direct violation of international copyright laws, my first step will be to advise your ISP of your illegal activities. After that, I have a lawyer who is crankier than I am.

If you'd like your friends to know about my work, send them the URL for these pages. If you don't, let me know. Anything else requires my written permission.