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Welcome to my Poetry Pages

I'm not much of a poet, as a rule. Well, more like I don't know much about poetry. There are some things, I've found, some feelings or observations, that just don't lend themselves well to prose. So I resort to poetry to get my point across. How well I've done is a subjective thing. These are the poems I had a lot of fun writing.

I'd go into some of the details of how I came to write these poems, but the only one that really matters is "Le Fantôme". While it may come across as a love poem, it is and it isn't. The person 'speaking' is referring to how she feels about someone she's met on-line. How does this total stranger know so much about her? The entire poem, in a sense, is based on another 'secret admirer' from literature, and there's not much difference between the two sources, I think. The book I had just finished reading was "The Phantom of the Opera".

Oh, and for those of you who don't speak French, the two sections of "Le Fantôme" are similar in meaning.