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Housework Senryu

(a poetic conversation - sort of - between Midustouch and Pegasus)

I, facing housework
computerise a schedule
but defer to surf.

And I, facing dishes
Consider a schedule
But prefer my friends.

alas and woe is me
Old Man Time his hands advance
I still lag behind

Alack and alas
A sinkful of dishes done
With one more to go

Alas and alack
Beds to make and clothes to wash
Is it ever done?

piles of ironing left
the creases increase with age
forgotten they wait

The dust, thickening
The rugs needing vacuuming
I'm going flying

Laundry is piling
The floors are needing a bath
I am in the air

Housework is boring
I'd rather be in a plane
Some joys just won't wait.

*lol* Can you tell what I spent the day doing?


Capturing stray words
herding them into stanzas
poems on the move.

Racing the storm clouds,
Turbulence makes me queasy,
Airborne on a Search.

Eyes to the binos,
The crackle of radio,
On a search once more!

Our object? Find it.
Playing tag with the storm clouds.
Home safe. All of us.

Nope. CASARA Search exercise. Sure beats housework!